Life moves fast

21 May

Sometimes life moves at the speed of light.  At a seriously, break-neck speed.  That’s been my experience lately!!

I found out late Wednesday night that I will be going to Honduras with our mission team in July.  (I KNEW I should’ve done the paperwork for a passport a few weeks ago when Drew did his …)  So, I’ve been hustling to get all of that stuff done, taking shots, and trying to get my mind into the right place for this.  My heart is there … I’ve been ready for this for a couple of years now.  Situations have just never worked out for me to go.  But this time, it has … and I can’t wait!!

This is really going to be a different summer for the Wikes.  Drew is going to Kenya in June, Krissy has an internship at the Medical School at Greenville Hospital System in June and July, and I am going to Honduras.  And there will be a point in there where Diana gets a break from all of us!!  She can’t wait, either!!


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