22 May

I know I’ve posted about this before.  But it strikes me again this morning:  Have you ever noticed how most sitcoms we watch (that are funny) revolve around SELFISHNESS??  Many husband/wife conflicts on the tube are based on what he wants vs. what she wants.  All we have to do is choose sides and laugh!!

I wonder how much that programs us in our dealings with others.  Do you trust others?  Do you approach life with the servant mentality, or a mentality derived from “The Art of War” ???

I’ve used this wording in wedding ceremonies before:  “A contract is based on mistrust, but a covenant is based on trust.”  A contract is meant to protect you if someone doesn’t live up to their end of the bargain.  It gives you leverage for legal action if another does you wrong.  But a covenant … that is an animal of a different tune.  A covenant is based on TRUST.  If you look at the great covenants of God and those of history, they are based on a mutual trust.  They are based on counting ON each other, not expecting each other to fail.

How do YOU approach relationships??  Are you in it for whatever YOU can get out of it??  Or do relationships mean something more??  Are you a contract person, or a covenant person?

Hmmm …..

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