Something for Dad

7 Jun

This is not a Father’s Day post.  Nor is it a present.  Or, maybe it is …

I sit here in Garden City alone right now.  I am the only one awake (as usual).  This is the FIRST day of our week in which I actually see the sun peeking through the sliding glass door.  We might actually get warm today!!  But, there is something missing …

That “something” is the reason I woke up at 7:20 on a vacation day (I am one of those that once I am awake, it’s all over). That one thing … one person … is my oldest!!  Krissy is doing an internship with the Greenville Hospital System in June and July, so we do not have her at the beach.  And, it’s not right!!

Yeah, I know:  She is now a senior at Clemson.  This was bound to happen sooner or later.  But I wish it had been later!!  And I am reminded of something I’ve always been told and now I must tell YOU, DADS:  You’d better be making memories with your kids.  Because, one day, those will be all you have!!!

Yeah, DAD, I am calling YOU out.  The only way you can make memories with your kids is to BE A PART OF THEIR LIVES.  In a MAJOR WAY.  Money and stuff are great, but they mean NOTHING to a kid who has a dad but he is not part of their lives.  I know kids who’ve already lost their dad … and they would give ANYTHING for more time.  That is what they remember and that is what they want!!  NOT STUFF!!  And, likewise, I know adults who have lost a child.  And they all say the same thing!!

MAKE MEMORIES, DAD!!  However you can!  It will be the only thing that helps you keep your sanity one day when you miss your kid like crazy!  Trust me …

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