A little more to this “Ideal Family”

26 Jun

You know, there is one other question Paul answers, both in Ephesians 6 and elsewhere, about this Ideal Family thing.  What if one spouse serves God with all of their heart, and one does not??  What is that one to do?

The answer is STILL SERVE UP TO YOUR PART OF THE BARGAIN.  Yes, this really goes against the values the world has taught us about protecting ourselves and being careful.  HOWEVER … if you are married, you can either go “all in” or not.  And if your answer is “not,” then you are not planning to succeed anyway.  Paul writes on in Ephesians 6, telling slaves to obey their masters and do the best they can do, and in this they might show their masters Christ.  I’m not saying a Follower married to a non-follower is a slave, but the same principle is true.  Live your life according to the Holy Spirit as well as you can … God can use that to shine the light of Christ THROUGH you and to that spouse.

Test and SEE if the word of the Lord is true!!  

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