In One Accord …

2 Jul

Acts 2 describes the day of Pentecost and how the Holy Spirit moved in a mighty way to lead the early church into a time of glorifying God and reaching THOUSANDS.  It was unlikely the early church would’ve EVER been that effective in such a brief period of time, but there IS an explanation.  They waited on the Holy Spirit, just as Jesus told them before He ascended.  They were obedient, and look what God did with them!!

Rev. Oscar Holland shared some thoughts about this on Saturday night at the Honduras meeting I attended.  It really sparked a thought in my mind:  What could God do with Ebenezer if we were all in one accord??  If we were all in the same place, together, listening to Him, what great things could He do with us??

Truth is, we are not in one accord right now.  There is a little too much pride and conflict rolling around.  As I told our deacons last night, Ebenezer is actually in pretty good shape compared to some others I know.  But, we are not in one accord.  And the only reason for that is that we are not all listening and waiting.  And to apply this principle from Acts 2, the Holy Spirit will not pour out on us until we are waiting on Him and in the same place!!

So here is the challenge:  What if we all started praying this simple prayer:  “Lord, bring us all to one accord.  To one place.”  What if we committed to pray this EVERY DAY for one month??  Let’s do this and see where we are in August!!  And if Ebenezer is not your church, what if you prayed that for YOUR church??  What great things will we see from God if we all agree to do this??

What if it sparked a revival in our world??  It could!!  Test and see that the Lord is good and faithful!!!

One Response to “In One Accord …”

  1. Kim Watkins July 2, 2012 at 5:51 pm #

    Im in on that prayer!! I cant wait…….

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