A Pastor’s Monday

9 Jul

You might not think about it, but Monday is a WEIRD day for those of us in ministry.  Many pastors take Monday as their day off BECAUSE of what I am about to write.  You see, Sunday is a full-fledged workday for those of us on the ministerial staff of EBC.  It is the pinnacle of the week, a day we study and prepare for all week leading into it.  Then we pour our hearts out in the various things that we do.  And then, it is done … or is it??

Monday is a day of reflection.  While we should reflect on the good things, often it leads to thinking about what I could’ve done better.  Who I didn’t see (although most days I can check Facebook to see what those I missed did on the Lord’s Day).  It is a day that feels emotionally flat and empty.  I do a lot of menial work around the church on Monday, because it gives my batteries a chance to have a little success and recharge.

It is also a day when  I think about the concerns of the coming week.  This week, as I busily prepare for my departure to Honduras (next week), I’m thinking and praying for my Mom and Dad.  Had a good but brief visit with them this weekend.  Mom has a little minor surgery tomorrow, and Dad has something a little more substantial coming on Friday.  I am thankful Krissy is doing an internship at their hospital in Greenville, and that my little sister is coming up for Dad’s surgery.

For now, I need to find some coffee and start thinking about this coming Sunday.  One of the bold facts of life for every pastor is:  Sunday’s COMING, whether I’m ready or not!!!

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