13 Aug

That’s one word that fits the North American church to a tee!!  We are distracted.  Not focused on one thing, but on 50!  One of the unique markers of this generation is that we have less loyalty and more “waiting for the best offer to come along!!”  Makes me really feel bad for Justin and Andi, who have to make camp reservations and pay unrefundable deposits.  Sometimes our people will sign up and even give money to put their name on the list.  And when something better comes along, they cancel and many times expect to get their money back.  Even knowing it’s unrefundable!!  Makes life really hard for our children and youth ministries.  (Honestly, I also know there are legitimate reasons why people have to cancel.  And there are times when it is just done because something better came along!)

But, getting on to the real reason for this blog … This mentality creeps into every aspect of life.  Even into our faithfulness to God.  We will be faithful, we will follow Him, we will allow Him to call all of the shots … unless something better comes along.  As long as it’s convenient and doesn’t have what we see as a negative impact on our lives, we will let Hm be God.  But if things start getting uncomfortable or start heading into a direction with which we don’t agree or like, we have this tendency to take control.

Imagine where the Children of Israel would’ve been had they applied this way of life to their trek out of Egypt.  They would still be out there wandering!!

My prayer for Ebenezer today is that we will recognize God for Who He is and give Him the rightful place in our lives!!  HE ALONE IS WORTHY!!

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