A Radical Difference

4 Sep

This week, God has put a difficult message on my heart.  I still don’t quite know how to build this out into a sermon.  But, here goes .. This is what is on my heart:

This is something Ed and I were talking about last week.  One of the greatest challenges that faces The Church (not just Ebenezer) in the 21st Century is the realization that the world around us has changed so drastically in the last 10-20 years.  It’s going to take change in the church to reach them, and those churches that REFUSE to change will end up as abandoned buildings.  By the way, THAT is already happening around the US.

The big mistake that many will make when they hear this message is they will assume that I am talking about STYLE.  About music, about how we dress, about what our worship area looks like.  And that will offend them.

And now, the massive curve ball:  THOSE THINGS are NOT what this is about.  It is about a CHANGE OF OUR HEARTS.

Pray for me.  Pray for churches across the globe as we struggle with this.  And, Ebenezerites, I hope to see YOU on Sunday!!

2 Responses to “A Radical Difference”

  1. Linda B September 4, 2012 at 11:15 am #

    I was asked a while back this question “how to get the introvert family to stay in church”? One of my feeble answers was that if their children are happy in a church that is where they may plant their feet, but not necessarily become involved with activities. A couple or single person may come faithfully to worship or even a bible study but avoid individual contact. That does not mean they are unfriendly or unfaithful. They are just not comfortable with individual contact. If asked where they attend church they will be enthusiastic about their experience.
    In today’s times another question arises; How much does worship on the internet affect attendance in church? For myself it is a very huge blessing – some physical and emotional problems over the last few years has left me feeling my only safe place is my home. I am overcoming this very slowly – I am not nearly as far out in my healing as I thought I would be by now. Depression is not a disease that comes with being out of touch with God or losing your faith. It is a disease that can be treated and over time managed.
    Being diligent in reading the bible, watching videotapes of the word and singing loudly (forgive me Ed) are keeping me grounded for now. I look forward with eagerness the day I can go with physical strength into the open world with comfort of emotional stability. I am thankful God is here in the midst every hour. Having a heart for God means reaching people even when it looks as though you are reaching no one.
    I pray for your dad as he goes down this long trail. I pray for your mom’s strength physically as well as emotionally (I know her faith is true and her spirit strong). I pray for friends and family that are tending to both of them. I pray for our church family as they minister to you and your family and for friends outside our church as well. They are all needed to help see you through this time of trouble.


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