Where our mission meets the urgency

18 Sep

Once again, our Florence community is reminded of the brevity of life in an accident that happened on Sunday.  It claimed the lives of two 19 year old men.  Now, two families and many, many friends are devastated and left to wonder “why?”  Sadly, they might never find an answer to that question on this side of eternity.  And here is where our mission meets the urgency with which we should be doing it.

IF we really believe that Christ called us to GO INTO THE FOUR CORNERS OF THE WORLD and make disciples, then we must know that the time to do it is NOW.  What if someone God put into your life, in your path, was victim of such a tragedy tomorrow?

Our mission includes the 17,000 that live within a three mile radius of EBC that do not know Christ.  Our mission includes those halfway around the world that God calls us to go to.  AND our mission includes everyone in between …  Jesus Christ called us to go to the world.  Some will be called to go far.  Some will be called to go near.  ALL WILL BE CALLED.

And, now is the time to answer that call.  Because tomorrow promises to be different and we never know how that difference will impact our world …

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