25 Oct

Apathy for the kingdom of God is running rampant in the North American church.  It’s hard to believe God’s people could care less about what He is doing around them, but in many cases it’s true.  One of the elements of the church in Honduras that I LOVE was the absence of apathy … They really do act like the Acts 2 church.  I pray we can get there.

I used to believe it was just a lack of care.  Fire insurance Christians tend to not care about God, His work or His will once they think they have their ticket to Heaven.  According to the teachings of Christ, it doesn’t work that way.

Now days I wonder if it is due to a lack of vision … a lack of understanding of the big picture.  Do we really understand that even what we deem as the “little things” make a HUGE DIFFERENCE in the Kingdom of God.  Maybe even an ETERNAL difference!!

We cannot apply our sense of value or importance on the things God call us to do.  Because THEY ARE ALL AS VALUABLE AS GOLD and AS IMPORTANT AS ANYTHING ELSE HAPPENING IN HIS KINGDOM.  God invites YOU to join Him and has given you the gifts you need to complete the mission.

Let’s all show up and do the things He’s given us to do!!  You’ll never be blessed more by anything else than you will by walking in the center of His plan for you!!

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