Get the job done

29 Oct

In 2 Timothy 4, Paul encouraged Timothy in the work God called Timothy to do.  He told him many things about doing the work of an evangelist and finished the meaningful passage by telling Timothy to “fulfill your ministry.”  While we are not all called to be vocational missionaries, pastors, and evangelists, we ARE all called to fulfill our ministries (whatever they might be).

It is true that God has given each of us unique gifts and roles to play in building the kingdom of God.  God did not HAVE to accomplish His purposes this way:  He chose to allow us to come along side and build with Him.  When we think about that, it really is a huge blessing!!  Just as my father allowed me to go with him (even before I was probably helpful) and learn about HVAC and all kinds of other contracting things, God allows us to join Him in His work.  And, just like those days with my dad, the REAL benefit was the time I spent with him.

Yes, the biggest benefit to joining God in His work is the time we get to spend with Him up close.  The things we get to see and the ways we get to help make it happen!  That is reason enough to join Him wherever He leads, and once you’ve done that and seen His hands at work up close, YOU CAN’T WAIT FOR THE NEXT ADVENTURE!!

So, it’s Monday morning.  Kind of cool outside here in Florence, SC.  And a perfect day to find God at work, discover what He’s called YOU to do, and GET THE JOB DONE!!!

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