Maybe we need to rely on God more?

7 Nov

Election day.  The day Americans go out and exercise the power of democracy.  And there usually is one winner and one loser in each race.  Some of the races are bigger … some are smaller … ALL ARE IMPORTANT!

I watched local races, state races, national races.  MOST of them came out the way I wanted them to!!  Over the past few months, I’ve watched a long-time friend (Willard Dorriety) work hard, pray, and eventually WIN a seat on the Florence County Council.  And I don’t think anyone could do a better job!  But with him, I have the advantage of KNOWING him, so my support and faith in his integrity has solid experience to go by …

I do not know Tom Rice.  He was elected to serve in the newly-created US House District 7.  I did try to research, read about him, talk to people who know him.  My best HOPE is that he will represent our area well.

I do not know Mitt Romney, but I did feel he represented my values and beliefs more than the other candidate.  Rick Warren reminded us in a tweet from a day or two ago that he personally had spent time with both candidates, and neither one claimed to be an evangelical Christian. So, neither candidate would come close to MIRRORING my beliefs.  But the President defeated Mitt Romney for a second term.

What do ALL of these and many other races have in common??

Do you give up??

WE NEED TO PRAY.  All of those elected yesterday are HUMAN.  Fallible.  Imperfect.  And they ALL need our prayer!!  It might be easier to encourage and stay in touch with a man who is a faithful member of my church, but I need to pray for those others in charge with as much fervor.  I may or may not agree with their platforms and beliefs, but I still MUST pray for them.

Seriously, we cannot put our hope in a man or woman who holds a political office.  Maybe in some ways God is reminding us that HE ALONE is worthy???

One Response to “Maybe we need to rely on God more?”

  1. Betty Moore-Bell November 7, 2012 at 8:52 am #

    Preach it, Brother!

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