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Maybe we need to rely on God more?

7 Nov

Election day.  The day Americans go out and exercise the power of democracy.  And there usually is one winner and one loser in each race.  Some of the races are bigger … some are smaller … ALL ARE IMPORTANT!

I watched local races, state races, national races.  MOST of them came out the way I wanted them to!!  Over the past few months, I’ve watched a long-time friend (Willard Dorriety) work hard, pray, and eventually WIN a seat on the Florence County Council.  And I don’t think anyone could do a better job!  But with him, I have the advantage of KNOWING him, so my support and faith in his integrity has solid experience to go by …

I do not know Tom Rice.  He was elected to serve in the newly-created US House District 7.  I did try to research, read about him, talk to people who know him.  My best HOPE is that he will represent our area well.

I do not know Mitt Romney, but I did feel he represented my values and beliefs more than the other candidate.  Rick Warren reminded us in a tweet from a day or two ago that he personally had spent time with both candidates, and neither one claimed to be an evangelical Christian. So, neither candidate would come close to MIRRORING my beliefs.  But the President defeated Mitt Romney for a second term.

What do ALL of these and many other races have in common??

Do you give up??

WE NEED TO PRAY.  All of those elected yesterday are HUMAN.  Fallible.  Imperfect.  And they ALL need our prayer!!  It might be easier to encourage and stay in touch with a man who is a faithful member of my church, but I need to pray for those others in charge with as much fervor.  I may or may not agree with their platforms and beliefs, but I still MUST pray for them.

Seriously, we cannot put our hope in a man or woman who holds a political office.  Maybe in some ways God is reminding us that HE ALONE is worthy???

It’s time to help!!

6 Nov

We in South Carolina have seen our share of hurricanes and tropical storms.  We know what it is like to need help, and we’ve received it at times.  My heart swelled at the outpouring for Hurricane Katrina years ago when we at Ebenezer sent multiple teams down to the Gulf Coast to help with recovery.

Well, this little storm named Sandy rocked the northeast US last week, and the time is here again to help!!  I know it was only a category 1 hurricane, but the cluster of storms with it did as much damage as the hurricane.  This massive storm hit an area of our nation that is not usually prepared for hurricane activity.  Many people have great needs, and we are in a place to help in small ways that can make a HUGE difference!!

We’ve heard stories and rumors of help being refused by unions.  Some of those are true, and some have proven to be untrue.  But those stories do not relieve us of our responsibility to answer God’s call and help in whatever way we are able!!

I am asking you to PRAY.  If God leads you to help, bring some of the following items to Ebenezer by MONDAY, November 12.  The Red Cross listed these items as items of need:

Diapers, baby wipes, baby powder, formula, non perishable food, blankets, batteries, pet food, clothing, cleaning supplies.

Some of the guys from the South Carolina Baptist Convention Disaster Relief team also recommended we consider small gas cans.  Many people in these areas do not have gas operated appliances and therefore no gas cans (no safe way to transport gas to generators).

Pray.  If God leads you to help, please do!!  We are trying to secure a big truck for this load of help, but right now we could fit all of it into a Honda Odyssey van.  Let’s really push to fill a BIG TRUCK UP!!!


Today’s sermon: Fixing the Broken

4 Nov

Fixing the Broken from Ebenezer BC on Vimeo.

Thankful much??

2 Nov

I probably won’t do the “30 Days of Thanks” thing that everyone is doing on Facebook.  But there are very specific people and things for which I am thankful.  After a week like this, I’ve seen it in many of those around me.  For this blog entry, I will focus on one group that works hard, and their hard work makes my life much easier.

The ministers at Ebenezer are in constant motion, working hard to make all of the things that happen at EBC go as smoothly as possible.  It really is funny to me that people think our church staff does very little or nothing … first of all, they’ve never really looked at our calendar that is booked with events almost every day!!  (And getting busier as Thanksgiving and Christmas approach)

I am thankful for Ed.  He works so hard to serve, not only in worship ministry and with our music ministry, but in so many other areas.  Areas that are intangible because you have no idea he is doing them.  He doesn’t boast or brag about it … In fact, NONE of these folks do.  Ed brings a spiritual maturity and wisdom to his leadership AND he brings great value to our staff with his mechanical and audio/visual abilities (for which we would pay THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS for if we hired contractors to do those parts of what he does).

I am thankful for Pam.  She really is the glue that holds many things together.  Again, behind the scenes and not seeking the spotlight at all … In fact, she will RUN from the spotlight if she sees it coming.  And if you removed her from most of what EBC does as a church, you would lose the BACKBONE of that event.  She enables volunteers and protects the integrity of the big picture of EBC as she understands it. And every few people even realize this …

I am thankful for Andi.  She is creative, highly motivated, and dedicated to not only children’s ministry at EBC but to the big picture as well.  She loves kids, loves parents and families, and is a perfectionist.  She loves her computer, but does threaten to put a brick through it from time to time … (Dean and I have contemplated removing it and giving her an abacus and a chalkboard instead).  She loves EBC, she sees what God is doing, and she gets it.

I am thankful that God already knows who will join us soon to continue our Student Ministry.  We all pray that this person will jump in, mesh well, and work hard with us to fulfill God’s vision for EBC.  And I am thankful that this person will jump into a line of great student ministers who have gone before and paved the way up to today.  I am still thankful for the ministries of Justin and Wes and all they did to move our student ministry to the place it is in today.

I will write another entry about staff members as time allows.  Because in those times when God calls me to storm into a burning building, these folks are the ones that are RIGHT BESIDE ME charging as hard as they can go!!  And I am most thankful for them!!