Get on the bus!!!

10 Dec

One of the most important facets of a church is leadership.  Helping the right people accomplish the right things to build the kingdom of God.  Who determines the right people??  Who determines the right things??  GOD.  This is the first building block in getting the bus going in the right direction.

Several years ago I read a book by Jim Collins called Good to Great.  I really enjoyed this book and learned a lot.  In this work, Collins studied several corporations in the US and analyzed what set them above others in their respective industries.  One of the most powerful ideas in this book was the concept of getting the right people into the right seats on the bus!!

I preach this and BEG the ministry selection team and nominating ministry team of Ebenezer to always find the right people for the right seats on the bus.  HOW DO WE DO THIS??  Pray.  Evaluate.  Pray more.  Open our eyes and ears to what is going on.  In order to help the right people find the right seats on the bus, you have to see and hear what is going on around you.  Getting the wrong people into the seat can be disastrous for a team called to accomplish a specific mission.  In my decades of church work, I’ve heard it before:  “I don’t know why they put me on the Sports Committee.  I HATE sports.”  A situation like that will make for a miserable time serving and a reluctance to serve again.  Find the right people for the right seats on the bus and GET THEM ON THERE!!!

I am thankful for our staff right now.  It’s Christmastime (one of the most stressful times of the year for us), we are short-staffed right now, and yet morale is good and everyone is pitching in to help.  Life goes on, and so does the church.  I came into the office today a little overwhelmed by all ahead of me this week, and it is nice to look around and see people that I know have my back.  The right people in the right seats.  That is why it is SOOO important to find the right person … God’s person … for our student ministry vacancy.

Pray for us.  And I’ll pray for you.  And, if you don’t have a seat on the bus, pray and ask God what He wants you to do.  And let me know!!!!!

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