Staying on the mountain top??

18 Dec

I read something this morning in our Word for Today devotion book that really struck me.  Worth thinking more about.  In the context of God moving us out of our comfort zones, the writer wrote “It’s okay to wait on God for directions and the power to carry them out, but not to keep repeating some earlier experience you’ve had.”  But, WE LIKE THE MOUNTAIN TOP!!

I’ll never forget the first mountain top experience I had after accepting Christ.  It was in a youth worship rally … I was an adult youth worker, but it was powerful.  One of those worship times where I never wanted to leave.  Kind of like Student Life, Centrifuge, and their cousins, these worship experiences are designed to take us to the mountain top.

Just like Moses in Exodus (chapters 19-32).  Moses was up on Mount Sinai, FACE TO FACE with God (so to speak).  Certainly a POWERFUL time of worship for him.  But he had to come down.  God NEEDED Moses to lead the people.  I’ve always wondered if I’d been Moses, and I came down from this awesome time of God and saw the children of Israel, my flock, engaged in idolatry and other disgusting actions, worshiping a golden calf and absolutely not thinking about God at all, would I have said:  “Hey, guys … I think I left my phone up there.  Back in a little while!!”  And gone BACK UP there with God and said “It’s so nice up here with you, I want to stay FOREVER!!”

When we seek to construct our lives and the lives of our children to stay on the mountain top, we are actually in direct opposition to God’s will for our lives.  He calls us to the mountain top, and He also calls us into the valleys.  But He never calls us ANYWHERE that He won’t go with us … that He won’t EMPOWER us.  You KNOW it was hard for Moses to walk back down that mountain and do what he was called to do.  But he did it.  And God was glorified in the end.  And Moses was seen as righteous in God’s eyes …

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