An Open Letter to my Ebenezerites

31 Dec

Have I told you lately that I am proud of you??  I think that is allowed!!  In this day and age of economic stress YOU have been faithful to God and I am now able to write something that many pastors cannot write:  WE HAVE EXCEEDED OUR BUDGET IN GIVING FOR THE YEAR!!  And the fiscal year is not quite closed!!!

You are continuing to be faithful to God financially, spiritually, and physically in your service.  And, as your pastor, I am proud!!  Keep praying for our church and all that God is doing.  Keep seeking YOUR ROLE and doing it as well as you can!!  Don’t forget that Jesus Christ PROMISED to be with us in all things!  Do not fear, the Holy Spirit walks with you into every situation!!

All things considered, this is a great way to end the calendar year!!!  Have a great and safe New Year!!

One Response to “An Open Letter to my Ebenezerites”

  1. marty coates December 31, 2012 at 11:56 am #

    Wonderful! We are blessed!

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