The REST of Good to Great

14 Jan

Ok, yesterday when I referred to Good to Great by Jim Collins, I talked about passion for the vision of an organization.  There were several other key elements of organizational greatness I left out.  I probably won’t remember them all, but there were a few that made a real impact on me.  Such as:

Get the right people on the bus!  Your organization needs the right people for it!  Those who fit.  Those who are apt to adapt and make a difference in your organization.

Get the wrong people off the bus!  Not typically something that would fit a church mind you, but in a business organization, if there are “right people” for your organization, then there must be “wrong people”.  Those who do not fit.  They need to go (according to Collins).

Get the right people into the right seats on the bus!  Another powerful strategy for any organization (and especially a church) is to make sure you have the right people playing the roles that suit them.  Playing the roles that fit their skill set and their calling!!  Having the right people on the bus is not enough … Having the wrong people in the wrong roles can damage an organization.

There is even MORE to the book that all of this.  It really is worth the read!!  However, just as I said yesterday, I hope the passion for what God has called you to do will light a fire in your heart, today and everyday!!!!

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