Do you care??

21 Feb

Last night in prayer meeting we were discussing I Corinthians 5 & 6.  Talking about sin..  Specifically, Paul was writing to the church in Corinth about sexual immorality and their condoning of it within the church.

The question quickly arises, “What is the right thing to do if we know we have a friend or family member engaging in sin?”  In this world of “MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS,” Paul clearly shows us we have a responsibility to our friend, to the family, and to the church.  IF YOU CARE.

This is a difficult subject to consider… The world and society tells us to mind our own business.  That what someone else does is between them and God, and we have no place doing this…  So, WHY did Paul write those two chapters of I Corinthians??

We are NOT OF THIS WORLD.  If Christ is your Savior, then your nature should be like that of His.  And if you have a friend doing something destructive in his/her life, you WILL try to help them.  IF you care.

Not too long ago, a push-lawnmower did not have the safety bar that will not allow it to run unless you are holding the handlebar.  You could just crank it up and it would run as long as it had gasoline.  Remember??  Suppose you cranked such a lawnmower and had to run back into the house for a second, and came back outside to find a toddler from next door stooping to reach under that lawnmower to retrieve a ball.  IS THERE ANYTHING YOU WOULDN’T SAY OR DO TO STOP THAT???  Because you know the terrible damage that could cause the child.  Personally, I would yell, scream, and run to grab that child.  Because I would NEVER want to be the one who could’ve stopped such destruction and decided not to do it.

If someone I care about is doing destructive things, I’m going to try to stop it.  This is EXACTLY what Paul is challenging us to do.  In LOVE, and NOT in judgment.  If you approach such a thing with a judgmental attitude, you will most assuredly do as much damage as the sin will do.


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