Two years ago … Yesterday

4 Mar

I really didn’t think about this but a couple of times yesterday, but March 3rd is the day that will always live in infamy in my life and mind … The day I broke both arms!!  The fact that I didn’t mark this day this year like I did last year tells most of the story … So far, recovery has been really good!!

I might regret writing this, but I still haven’t experienced pain like I was told I would.  The right elbow is 100% good, but it was the lesser of the two breaks.  The left elbow will not extend fully and will not rest fully, but I really don’t have pain.  I’m still limited in how I can use it and bend it, but there is no resting pain and no aching when it is cold outside or about to rain.  And I am quite thankful for that!!

It is all testimony to two big things in my life:  The healing power of God AND the fact that God DOES use even tragedies in the lives of His children to build His kingdom.  I’ve had more opportunities in the past two years because of this elbow that I would’ve never had!!  I remember laying in my hospital bed on morphine asking God over and over to use this somehow.  He has made good on that one, time and time again!!

So I am thankful that yesterday wasn’t that big of a deal for me!!  It’s just another story of God and His mighty healing power!!

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