Changes come fast

13 May

Anyone who knows us knows we (the Wikes) have been through a lot of change this year.  Krissy graduated college.  Drew graduates high school in less than three weeks.  My children are both at major milestones in their lives and it’s all coming so fast!!

I am thankful .. Thankful my mother, father, and little sister were able to be at graduation.  Thankful Krissy has worked so hard and graduated with honors.  Thankful Drew is working hard and preparing for his next step to Francis Marion University.

But it all happens so fast.  Seems like only yesterday I was driving a U-Haul to Florence from New Orleans…  Drew was 1 month old when we walked into EBC’s Sanctuary for the first time as Minister of Youth.  In a little more than a week, Nathan Neighbors and his family will be here and hopefully another family will make Ebenezer their home for a long time.  And, while Nathan’s arrival has been long anticipated, it will be here before you know it!!

It’s funny how changes in life come so fast, and we can do two things with them:  Take them in stride and adapt, or fight them and live with the lack of peace involved in doing that.  Change in life is inevitable … And some of it IS good!!  Praying God will give us all the strength and sensibility to navigate the changes of life in a way that glorifies Him!!

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