In Honduras Mode

11 Jul

I’m getting ready … In my heart and mind, I am really focusing on Honduras.  We leave on July 24th and several truths apply here:

1.  When you pray and ask God to give you focus, HE DOES!!

2.  When I work towards a goal like that, I have this energy to help complete the things I need to get done HERE before I leave.  It is a drive.  It’s like I’m drinking Redbull but I don’t EVER drink that stuff …

3.  Every time God is doing something big, I feel it in my heart.  And this time I SURE do.

I’ve spent the last couple of weeks preparing for our mission AND finishing some projects at the church that need to be done by the first of August.  Haven’t really blogged much lately, and that is ok.  I hope I will have plenty to share on the other side of this mission trip!!!

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