Purpose WITHIN the Church

15 Jul

In a little over a week, I have a tremendous privilege waiting for me in Honduras:  I will have an opportunity or two to sit down with pastors and talk about what God is doing in their midst.  I am NOT an expert, but we will share about vision … about developing leaders … about Biblical authority … and about anything else that is on their hearts.  And it all leads to PURPOSE.

When I read The Purpose Driven Church (by Rick Warren), it was an eye-opening experience for me.  Proverbs 29:18 says “Without vision, people perish.”  Without a God-given purpose, the CHURCH is in danger of perishing right before our eyes!!  HOW do we discover our purpose as a church??  SEEK GOD’S FACE and ASK HIM!!  We (the ministerial staff of EBC) have been doing this lately.  Spending time together and apart seeking God’s face and asking Him what HE wants to accomplish with Ebenezer.  When we look at where He is at work, it’s not hard to see:  Children’s ministry, Youth ministry, families, the TONS of lost people within the shadow of our steeple.  Ebenezer has much to do and we are constantly seeking His guidance to prioritize how to accomplish His will.

How about you?  Where do YOU fit in?  Have you ever considered that the purpose of the church defines itself as each of US find OUR purpose in His kingdom??  As we do the will of God in our lives, the purpose of the church will be accomplished.  God WILL give us the vision, but we must do His will for each of us to accomplish that vision.  This all hinges on YOU … and ME.

Will we accomplish His will??  That remains to be seen …. But I sure hope so!!

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