Will we do the right thing?

16 Sep

There is a lot of buzz and excitement surrounding Fam Jam 2013, a Christian music festival sponsored by Ebenezer and Radio Free Florence this weekend.  I am grateful for the “For Those Who Dare” Sunday School class and all of their hard work producing this event.  Much prayer and planning has gone into this.  And, at the end of the day, I wonder if we will do the right thing.

Once, a man approached Jesus and asked Him, “What kind of clothes must I wear to attend church?”  Jesus answered, “Verily, verily, I say unto thee, ‘You MUST wear dress pants, a collared shirt, and a conventional tie or bow tie.  And a sports coat would be nice, but a suit would be AWESOME.  And if you don’t wear clothes like this, you will NOT please Me and you might not get into Heaven.'”

Okay, that NEVER happened.  Jesus never said those things.  When asked by the Samaritan woman about the right place to worship, Jesus told her that God seeks people that worship Him with ALL OF THEIR HEART.  No mention of bow ties.  No mention of the right kind of shoes or clothes.  So I wonder why WE, the church, place so much importance on those things???

My prayer for this weekend is that we will see many people who do not know Christ, and that we might have a chance to introduce them to Christ.  And I am also praying we won’t give them a pamphlet on the dress code or the appropriate things to do to “FIT IN” at Ebenezer.  Because, quite frankly, NONE of that is biblical.  And you can check me on that if you wish!!

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