A Crazy Season

13 Jan

Today is January 13, 2014, and this is my FIRST post for the new year.  As I reflect on my past two weeks, the answer is simple.  And it is kind of sad:  Too much death in January.

If you ask any funeral director, he will tell you that the season after Christmas is one of the busiest seasons they have.  I guess people who are close to death use Christmas as a goal to live to, and once that goal is met sometimes they let go.  But that is not the entire story here.  I have had several families and friends who have had very unexpected sickness come on to a loved one and before they know it death was the result.  Very sad.

I freaked Diana and Drew out the other day as we were driving to Greenville as I told them “When something happens to me, THESE are the people I want to handle my funeral.”  I am NOT planning on that happening any time soon.  Any time in the next 35-40 years really.  But when that day comes, I want people who really know me to handle that service.  And they can tell anything they want to tell.

All of this reminds me of two things:  1.  LIFE IS PRECIOUS.  Each and every day should be lived to the fullest.  Be sure to do your best and your most EVERY DAY, because 2. There is NO GUARANTEE OF TOMORROW.

Not to be morbid, but this really IS what is on my mind.  Have a great day!

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