Something bigger than the sum of us

27 Jan

Human nature is a funny thing.  It pulls us to focus on what WE want … on OUR needs … which would be great if that was the meaning of life.  But it is not.  One of the lies of the world is “all that matters is what matters to ME!!”  There is more to this life, but the devil doesn’t even want you to THINK about that.

When I accepted Christ, I made a commitment.  A commitment to be part of the family of God, the KINGDOM of God, and His kingdom truly is something bigger than me and my wants.  His kingdom is bigger than my family.  Actually, His kingdom is bigger than the sum of ALL of us.  And we not only BELONG to this kingdom, we are charged with BUILDING and ADVANCING this kingdom.  The only way we will glorify Him is to take this commitment seriously.

Kingdom thinking will lead us to consider how our actions impact those around us.  Just as we SHOULD think before we do anything that would bring shame or harm to our own families, we need to live with a discipline and wisdom that guides us away from harming the kingdom of God.  We need to be careful of what we do, what we say, and where we go.  It’s really not as hard as it seems.

This wisdom is freely available to all who will listen in the leadership of the Holy Spirit.  It is written as plain as day in the Bible.  It is here for us … The question is, ‘will we listen?’

If Christ is your Savior, you belong to something bigger than the sum of us all.  Today and everyday we need to renew our commitment to live like that is true!

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