Knowing God is at work

17 Feb

One of the greatest compliments someone can ever pay me on a Sunday morning is “Were you preaching directly to me??”  Not that I do that.  The number of times I write a sermon and then something happens in the life of the church that is a perfect match for it is MORE than coincidence.  Often people think “David is just preaching to address this.. or that ..”  And they give me far too much credit.

When someone says “You were speaking directly to me” they need to realize that God engineered that!!  I really pray and seek His face for everything that I bring to the pulpit at EBC.  And there are even times when He leads me in a direction and, like Jeremiah, I say “Do we REALLY want to say that, Lord?”

S0 every time someone says something like that to me, it serves to confirm that HE is at work at Ebenezer.  And His people are listening to Him.  And I really like that!

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