He is our shield

20 Mar

I was reading the devotional email I received this morning from the Blackaby Spiritual Leadership Network and it was particularly challenging to me.  I love what the Blackabys do for leaders and value this email every day.  Today, a challenge to TRUST OUR SHIELD.

Proverbs 2:7 says “HE is a shield to those who walk uprightly.”  The writer of this devotional entry reminds us that anyone is open to face attacks or criticism.  And there are typically three ways we can respond to this:

  1. Operate under the radar and DO NOTHING to draw attention to yourself and maybe you won’t be criticized.
  2. Be aggressive in fighting it, and lash out at those who lash out at you.
  3. Trust YOUR SHIELD  (WHO IS GOD!!!)

I will confess that I have been guilty of the first two.  Being an MBI ISTJ personality type, I am naturally quiet about my movements anyway.  Being a middle child, I want everyone to be happy.  There have been times when number 1 has been my friend.

There have been times when I have had all that I can take, and number 2 has been my approach.  And I will confess to you that NEITHER approach works, NEITHER approach builds the Kingdom of God, and NEITHER approach pleases Him.  But I have made the mistake of trying each approach.

Number 3 is HARD.  However, I have personally seen that Number 3 WORKS!!  Again, it requires faith in God and a trust that He is greater than any attacker.  I also believe that trusting Him will lead us to evaluate the things we are doing that brought the attack, and if we trust Him and listen to Him, HE will lead us to change our ways if need be.  It all goes back to trusting HIM.

Praying for you, that you will not face such attacks.  But none of us are immune.  So, when you are attacked, TRUST YOUR SHIELD.

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