How is it being done???

28 Apr

I really haven’t blogged much about my weight loss.  But lately the only question people ask is “How are you doing this??”  Sometimes I answer with a joke answer, like “I only eat lettuce.”  There are other answers, but I won’t go into those now …

But, seriously, since January 3rd I have lost 60 pounds and gone from a 44 waist to a 38 waist.  And my method has been simple … There are three elements to my lifestyle change.  Here they are:

On January 2, 2014, I had lunch with two friends and one of them is a body builder / trainer.  He dared me to try the “eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper” thing.  So this all started with me eating a two-egg omelette with cheese and sausage, a bowl of cereal, and two cups of coffee every morning.  I have that or an equivalent of that every day.  (I have moved to turkey sausage and the Harris Teeter brand of liquid egg to cut back on calories.  I am a sausage and egg critic, and that omelette tastes really good!!)

Honestly, I am doing lunch and dinner both as a prince.  Both are reasonable meals.  I haven’t arrived at the place where I can do the pauper thing yet.  Maybe one day, but for now this is working!!

Then a few days later, another friend told me about the MyFitnessPal app for iPhone.  (They also have a website so this can be done on a computer).  It is free and has a massive database that will help you log calories.  I have never logged calories before, but this has become easy.  It also has the tools to build your own recipes and it will calculate nutritional values for you.  I now log calories at every meal and snack and it really is easy …  However this app showed me how unhealthy I was eating.  For years, doctors and others have told me that you lose weight in the kitchen and you tone in the gym.  And I always said “But I am not eating bad …”  MyFitnessPal showed me how BAD I was really eating, even though I thought I was doing well.

Now, we are eating lower calorie meals, but they are GOOD meals.  And smaller portions.  And, here I am 60 pounds lighter!!  We search the internet for lower calorie recipes and there are some on

So now I am on track.  Forty more pounds to go.  Making progress almost every week.  I have been exercising in the gym since 2001, but I am now able to hit it harder than ever before and I exercise 6 days a week.  And I FEEL like doing it.  I am lifting weights three days a week and blasting cardio all 6.

And, most importantly, I have a plan to MAINTAIN once I get to my goal.  MyFitnessPal and Anytime Fitness play MAJOR ROLES in that plan.

So, that is where I am.  And so far, so good.  And if you start a journey like this, best of luck!!  Let me know and I will encourage you, and you can do the same for me!!!

2 Responses to “How is it being done???”

  1. Monica Breedlove April 28, 2014 at 10:55 am #

    The MyFitnessPal app/website is amazing. I give it a lot of credit in my losing 25 plus pounds so far this year. It’s so much easier to lose weight when you log your calories and you really can see if you are eating healthy or not. Love it. Keep up the good work!

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