What our Honduras mission means to me …

3 May

Recently the idea has popped up that a local church doing foreign mission trips is wrong.  Some claim it is a cop out, and we have local needs that need to be addressed, too.  How does that wash with foreign mission projects??

First of all, WE DO HAVE LOCAL NEEDS.  And just as God has called people out to go and serve globally, He calls us to have an impact locally.  And if people are not stepping up to the local needs, that tells me that there are a bunch of people who are NOT listening to God.  I believe that is also true if a Christian is shouting down things that others are doing for the kingdom, just because it is not meeting a need that he or she perceives as more important.  God is big enough to meet all of the needs, and maybe some brothers and sisters need to concentrate their efforts on meeting those local needs instead of complaining about others who are listening to God and walking in other directions.  Ultimately, it is hard for us to judge anyone without knowing exactly what call God has placed in their hearts.

Back to Honduras.  I went to Honduras for the first time in July, 2012.  It was eye-opening to say the least.  And God DEFINITELY used this to move my heart in ministry!!  The things that I saw solidified our need, as a church, to continue this relationship we have with the people of La Ceiba and Limon, Honduras, and the surrounding areas.  The things that meant to most to me were seeing Ebenezerites obey and God work in such a visual way that you cannot deny His hand!!  You could literally SEE Him doing things right before our eyes.  I was also touched and blessed to be able to give away Bibles to people who had never had one of their own.  They treat them like GOLD!!

By the way, if you would like to contribute to the Bible fund, you can mail a check for whatever amount to:

Ebenezer Baptist Church, 524 S Ebenezer Road, Florence, SC  29501….  Put Honduras Bibles on the envelope and the memo line of the check!!  We get the Bibles by the case and each Bible ends up costing a little over $2.  All help is appreciated!!

ANNNNYWAY …  God has used this project to show me perspective and remind me that the North American church needs to have the kind of hunger for Him that our Central American amigos have.  I am praying for that for Ebenezer.  And if you ever have any question about the validity of that or any other mission, give it a chance before you shout it down.  Your life will NEVER be the same.

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