A confession (well, sort of)

6 Aug

This morning in my devotional reading, Provers 28:5 was the focal verse:

Evil men do not understand justice, but those who seek the LORD understand it fully.

The devotional illustration talked about how those who seek a relationship with God should have a deeper understanding of justice and do not have the “luxury” of ignoring wrongdoing.  That we also should understand there will be a FULL accounting for every sin committed by every person, even if that doesn’t seem to happen on this earth, it WILL happen at the end of time.  And the sins of those who know Jesus Christ will be paid.  And for those who do not know Him, they will pay themselves.

For me, this brought back something that has been on my heart for a few days now.  Once again, I am reminded that when I go to Honduras for 10 days it kind of resets my bearings.  When I go and worship in sweltering churches with tons of people who are just FILLED with the joy of the Lord and happy to be there, and then return to the good ol’ USA, I am reminded of how different we really are.  We are a very selfish culture.  Honestly, it grieves my heart because I believe it grieves the heart of God.  But that is another blog for another day (and probably for an anonymous site, to protect me from death).

Reading this devotional entry today reminds me of why I value honesty.  I really appreciate it when someone is honest with me, but when I find that they haven’t been honest, I struggle with that relationship.  I struggle to trust someone who is not honest.  Lately, as I have prayed about this in my heart and life, God has reminded ME that 1) DAVID WIKE is a pretty selfish guy too.  And 2) Where some around me might have flaws that really bother me, DAVID WIKE has flaws too!!

WAITAMINUTE … I AM NOT PERFECT????  Is THAT what God just said to me??  (I hope my Ebenezerites don’t find out … Because they will run me off for sure!!)

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