Are you Satisfied?

21 Aug

Anyone who knows me knows I am an NCIS junkie.  I’ve been watching that show since the beginning, and I really enjoy it.  The other day, there was a discussion between Gibbs and McGee.  At this time, McGee was still a green probationary agent.  Gibbs told him to pursue every angle and run down EVERYTHING in the case they were investigating.  He said “I don’t want you to stop until ..” and McGee immediately interrupted him and finished the sentence with “Until you order me to stop??”  Gibbs responded “NO!  UNTIL YOU ARE SATISFIED!”

That is great leadership (with the right motivation).  That kind of leadership will build a young agent into a seasoned investigator.  The value of that in real life is priceless.  But that is a television show … And in the show, the leader is training the young student for a specific purpose.

In real life, the world is all around us asking us if we are satisfied.  In movies, in music, in commercials, and even in television shows, we are constantly bombarded with different things to try to find peace in our lives.  The newest products … The most recent trends … Several upstarts even challenge things like marriage and faithfulness, touting that unfaithfulness is a great rush and thrill and will bring us satisfaction in our lives.  Sadly, many people will follow that particular pied piper and in the end they will not find what they are looking for, what the world promises will bring satisfaction.  And there is one consistent reason for this … There is only one answer … The world does not want to admit to this truth, and it does not want YOU to believe it.  But it is true … and it is right before your eyes:

YOU and ME, WE were created for a relationship with God.  And the only way we will know peace in this life, the ONLY WAY WE WILL FIND TRUE SATISFACTION is in a growing relationship with God.  And the only way for this to happen is in a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.  PERIOD.  You can try every potential solution the world has to offer.  And NONE of them will fill the emptiness in your very soul.  That is a fact that I know, not because I am a pastor, but because I walked the same path of trying to find satisfaction in everything else.  And it is NOT THERE without a relationship with Christ.

So … seriously .. are you satisfied?

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