God is moving among us

8 Sep

He really is!!  People are turning their lives over to Him, giving their troubles over to Him, and this is an exciting time at Ebenezer Baptist Church.  I have never seen a time like this in the 19 years I have been on staff at Ebenezer.  It really confirms to me that we are doing the right thing in our new worship center project, because ever since we voted to do this I have seen two things:

1.  People (in large numbers) are taking bold steeps of faith toward God and His will in their lives.

2.  The devil is stepping up his attacks against our church, and specifically with our church staff.

God is walking through this with us, so there is no need to fear number 2.  And the devil wouldn’t be trying so hard to stop this if it wasn’t going to be a HUGE kingdom builder.

As for number 1, KEEP TRUSTING HIM!!  RUN TO HIM!!  THIRST FOR HIM!!! Keep trusting and walking with God hand-in-hand.  HE WON’T LET US DOWN!!!

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