Something REALLY GOOD is around the corner

19 Sep

God is doing something … And it is REALLY GOOD.  I can see it in the lives of people around me.  I hear it, in how His church is following Him and really starting to live like we “get it.”  And there is one other piece of evidence that tells me we are headed in the right direction:


Wednesday evening after bible study, I came to Garden City with my mom and dad.  (That, in itself, has a variety of challenges.)  I am glad to be here because I can give mom a little break and she needs to rest her healing ribs.  However, since I have been here I have faced several situations at Ebenezer where I can see the devil trying to drive a wedge between people at Ebenezer.  Every one of them present logical arguments on both sides of an issue.  I’ve tried to use my “middle-child” skills to be a good pastor and  bring these things to a good conclusion.  And it hits me:  MAN, the devil is working overtime.  ONLY HOURS BEFORE OUR REVIVAL STARTS.

I’m going to go all “Jethro Gibbs” on y’all and tell you this is NO COINCIDENCE.  And, we CANNOT let the devil win!!!!  How do we fight this???  ON OUR KNEES.

So, PRAY, people!!!  Because something really good IS around the corner!!  If not, the devil wouldn’t even mess with us!

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