A Life worth Living

20 Oct

Here I sit, doing the Monday morning “preacher thing.” Thinking about all of the things I should’ve said yesterday. Yesterday was a great day of worship at Ebenezer, but that preacher thing always involves evaluating the previous day and thinking ahead to the next Sunday. Fact of life for every pastor: The next Sunday is ALWAYS around the corner.

This morning, there is one thought that invades my heart and mind and I cannot shake it … The question “do my Ebenezerites take it seriously?” What does living for Christ really mean to us on Monday morning? In a Southern Baptist church, we will ALL agree to it’s importance on Sunday morning sitting in corporate worship. But the truth is this: The water hits the wheel on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday … (You get it).

One day, we will all stand before God and He will weigh our lives. Will He find that I lived a life worth living? Will He look at my life and say “Wow, Dave … You really didn’t get it, did you?” I hope for the first answer. But I know He will have to look at all of my life … He will look at how I honored Him when no one else was looking. He will look at how I honored Him with every facet of my life: My time, my thoughts, my finances, my charity, my actions, my feelings …

Not that I am trying to set any of us up to an impossible standard. The question I ask myself every day is this: Are you trying to live for Him today? Subsequent to that question: Are you asking Him for help today (or trying to do this on your own)???

The life worth living is a life that honors Him. And the only way any of us will get there is with His help. And the great news for a Monday morning is that He WILL HELP US IF WE ASK!!!

One Response to “A Life worth Living”

  1. Betty Moore-Bell October 20, 2014 at 6:58 am #

    Amen, amen Brother! The sermon and the music were powerful yesterday. And on Monday mornings, I need that message even more than on Sunday. On Monday, I face the WORLD. I cannot do that without Jesus. No way, no how. Thank you for how you teach through the Word, thanks to Ed and Dawn for how they conduit the Holy Spirit through music. How I love my Ebenezer!

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