Would YOU run into a burning building?

28 Jan

I wonder what you would do … If you passed by a burning building and KNEW there were children, or elderly people in there who could not get out if left to their own devices. If at all possible, I tell you I would. Life is too precious and I couldn’t live with myself if I just stood outside and listen to their screams.

What would YOU do??? (Take a moment and answer)

Okay, so most of us probably WOULD try to help them. We certainly wouldn’t stand by and watch them die without doing SOMETHING … RIGHT??? And, we CERTAINLY wouldn’t just post it to Facebook, or Tweet about it, or take time to call our friends and talk about it … RIGHT??

OKAY, then why is it when we have a friend … or a brother or sister in Christ … who is struggling with life and we seem to know certain details about that struggle, why in the WORLD would we just take time to talk to others about it … or post to social media about it … or just plain out gossip, many times about things we don’t really know about … WHY in the world would we do these things INSTEAD OF GOING TO THAT PERSON AND HELPING THEM???????? Why would we allow a brother or sister in Christ to potentially self-destruct without doing anything that could possibly help them?

And you read this and might be thinking: This doesn’t really happen. And, sadly, I can tell you with certainty that it does.

One Response to “Would YOU run into a burning building?”

  1. Jennifer January 28, 2015 at 8:29 am #

    Perfect timing. Struggling with a conversation I plan on having today that is exactly this. I want to lift up, not bring down. Questioning how to do this and if this was really somewhere I needed to be getting into. Prayers, prayers, prayers please.

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