The Coolest Thing

20 Mar

In August, 1991, Diana and I took steps of faith that were FRIGHTENING and would change the courses of our lives. I walked away from a promising career in information technology to pursue a call from God. I did not know much back then (still don’t), but I knew God was calling me to serve Him in ministry.

One of the first ministers with which I served told me something I didn’t understand in those early days … Something that puzzled me, troubled me, and stuck with me for these 24 years. He said “If you can be happy doing ANYTHING else, do it.” With my ISTJ self, I wondered if he saw something in me that I didn’t see: Something lacking. Something unworthy. I wondered if I was exuding a vibe that said “THIS GUY DOES NOT BELONG HERE!!!”

I struggled with that.

Twenty-four years later, I know EXACTLY what he meant. I moved my family to New Orleans, and what a CULTURE SHOCK that was!!! We moved from there to Florence, SC, and twenty years later we are still here. I have survived tremendous heartache serving in a church. I have watched friends I dearly love move far away from me. I have buried friends and people I love … I’ve done that TOO many times. I have made people so angry with me their looks almost HAVE killed me. I have welcomed babies into this world, and watched them grow into wonderful adults. I have officiated weddings, and watched couples thrive in a world that asks them “What is the use of marriage?”

I certainly HAVE NOT seen it all. Every time I start to even think that, something happens to remind me I live and serve in an imperfect world. And with all of those things written, there is one thing … One reward that I receive over and over again that makes me so thankful for this journey to which God called me many years ago …

THE COOLEST THING is this: I get to pour into the lives of young ministers and help them!! God has put me in a place where I have young ministers all around me. Some from my “youth ministry” days… Some since those days … But there is NOTHING like watching these young men and women grow in Christ and pursue His will for their lives!!! Watching God unfold His plans for them, and watching them succeed!! Watching them figure out the KEY to success: OBEDIENCE!!!

I get this front-row seat to the greatest show in the universe!! GOD’S PLAN!!! And there is nothing like it. Yesterday I grabbed a cup of coffee with a college kid who is headed in this same direction. And there is nothing more rewarding than watching God grow people like that.

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