Are we near the end?

21 May

An age-old question, for which I have no answer.  So … If you are REALLY looking for the answer to that particular question, do yourself a favor and stop reading this now.

Hmmmm … You are still here, huh??  With a little more time to focus on the news and current events this week, I am now wishing I had NOT focused on news and current events.  But ignoring what is going on all around us will do NONE OF US any good.  As I ran this morning, this question revolved around in my mind:  Is this the end of western civilization?  I do not have an answer.  In some ways, that would be a HORRIBLE thing.  In other ways, it might not be so bad.  However …

Lately it seems we are reverting back to the social constructs of the old west.  Our culture seems to be stepping back to a time when violence was the ONLY ANSWER, and whomever has the biggest gun and steadiest shot wins.  A sad day, indeed.  Everything in the news AND in the world around us points to the end.  Makes those of us who know Christ wonder if He will be coming back soon. The answer to THAT question is YES HE WILL!!! But He reminded us that no man or woman knows the day or time, that He didn’t even know, ONLY THE FATHER KNOWS WHEN THAT WILL HAPPEN.

So.  I am a follower of Christ.  What can I do to make a difference in a world that seems to be whirl pooling down a drain???   BE THE BEST CHRIST I CAN BE.  BE THE BODY OF CHRIST.  Period.  Our world needs us to show them Christ and to tell them about Christ NOW MORE THAN EVER BEFORE.  He told us there would be days like this.  The best thing we can do is LOVE with God’s kind of love.  And I KNOW that will be tough.  But He commands it.

Praying for you today, that you can be all that God has called you to be.  Please do the same for me!!

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