What makes a church GREAT

15 Jun

What makes a church jump from GOOD to GREAT???  Is it the awesome and dynamic pastor???  Not even close.  Is it the superior production value of the music and drama???  Nope.  The wonderful facility???  Nah.  All of these things are good, mind you, but none of these take a church from GOOD to GREAT.

This morning I will cut to the chase.  I am tired.  It is VBS week.  I am WAYYYY over-committed today.  So here it is:  It is a combination of OBEDIENCE TO GOD and the spirit of the PEOPLE.

The people can make or break a church.  The people are what draw others in.  When visitors find a strong sense of family and community, they want to be part.  And (here I am, sliding the REAL TRUTH in) this only works when GOD IS AT THE CENTER.  When HE IS LEADING THE PACK.  When the people are FOLLOWING HIM, HAVING FAITH IN HIM, TRUSTING HIM, TAKING GIANT STEPS AS HE DIRECTS.

The “church” that DOES NOT DO THESE THINGS is nothing more than a club.

The church that DOES these things IS GREAT.  ONLY BECAUSE OUR GOD IS GREAT.

Think about that as you have your next cup of coffee ….

(Drops mic.  Walks into copy room to get yet ANOTHER cup of coffee)

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