Written on our Doorposts

10 Aug

The Shema … HEAR O ISRAEL, THE LORD OUR GOD IS ONE GOD!!!  Those words from Deuteronomy 6 taught the Children of Israel a truth about God that is irrefutable.  God is ONE.  God is GOD ALONE.  And our best response to that is to LOVE GOD WITH ALL OF OUR HEART, SOUL, MIND, BODY, STRENGTH.  With everything that we are, we should LOVE the Lord.

That idea is bantered about on many Sundays across our world as people gather to worship OUR GOD.  The One True God.  And we do Him a mis-service when we leave out the rest of that passage.  Deuteronomy reminds us that we should keep these words UPON OUR HEARTS.  We should think about these things all of the time.  Because God knows and nature has proved that whatever is on our hearts will be coming out in our lives.

We are called to impress these truths on our children.  NOT to force them into faith … Faith and belief must come from their hearts.  BUT we have a responsibility to teach them the truths about God that we have seen in our own lives.  If God means anything to you … If He has done ANYTHING in your life, you really should tell your children.  TELL THE WORLD!!!  They both need to know that God is real and He is active in the lives of His people.

We are told to tie these truths on our hands and foreheads.  Many devout Jews achieve this with the use of a device known as a phylactery … A small leather box containing scripture written on small pieces of paper.  If that works for you, DO IT.  I also like the thought that everything we do with our hands, and everything we do with our heads (with our minds) should be scriptural.  We should be LIVING by the Word of God.  If you do this, your children and those around you will know it.  You don’t have to be showy about it … The cream will always rise to the top.  They will see it if it is true of your life.

Write them on your doorposts and on your gates.  Build your homes on the foundation of the Word of God.  If you do this, God will walk every step of this life with you.  There are times when life will be tough and there are times when life will be a great celebration.  God will be with you in BOTH!!

He is always there.  He always cares.  Do you give Him His rightful place in your life?

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