Another Brick in the Wall

31 Aug


I really wasn’t prepared for this on Saturday, but I had to knock five cement blocks out of a wall in Mom and Dad’s basement.  Long story, but I was making room for a new furnace that will be installed in the next few days…  It had been a long time since I’ve done any demo like this and I was reminded of a fundamental truth about blocks and bricks:  Blocks and bricks that are mortared together have a collective strength that they don’t have individually.

I talked about this in my sermon yesterday.  Knocking out the first brick in the line was TOUGH!!!  But once I got the first one out, the rest were a piece of cake!  Then, when I moved to the second row, the same principle held true:  The first one was MURDER.  The rest were easy!

This might not be the best method, but I often prepare and meditate on my sermon material while I work.  Or workout.  I go over it and think about it and kick it around.  As I worked all day Friday and Saturday at the house, I missed this one!! It hit me on Sunday morning right before I walked into early worship.

WE are like the blocks.  WE … the CHURCH.  When we stand together we make a wall that is STRONGER than any of us are as individual blocks.  When one block is missing, our wall is weakened.  THAT IS WHAT IS SO IMPORTANT ABOUT BEING A CHURCH FAMILY!!!  When YOU are missing, someone else might be struggling because the wall is weakened. The family is less than it should be.

I have several friends who are facing MAJOR THINGS in their lives right now.  Several in my Ebenezer family.  And I intend, to the best of my ability, TO BE A BRICK IN THEIR WALL.  TO HELP THEM FACE IT ALL STRONG AND UNITE FOR THEM.  Because, I know they will do the same for me when the time is right.  How about you???

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