Pouring out and pouring in

23 Sep

This past Sunday evening I met with core leaders of Ebenezer Baptist Church.  It was not a top-secret, clandestine meeting of the Rothchild’s of EBC or anything like that.  It was our Sunday evening group.  Sunday evenings have modified at EBC and become more of a small group time where the committed of Ebenezer come out for one more time of study and reflection before we start the week.  And, I like it.

This past week I issued a challenge to them, and I think any serious follower of Christ should take this challenge.  The challenge is this:  WHO ARE YOU POURING INTO?  And WHO IS POURING INTO YOU?

The New Testament models of discipleship, of growing in our relationship with Christ, teach us that we need to surround ourselves with people who will help us grow, and we in turn might help them grow.  This leads us to be honest and open about life, about the issues (both those we have faced AND those we have in front of us), about our successes, about our failures.  Simply, I know there are mistakes I have made in my life.  Where I probably shouldn’t go to the highest mountain and shout them to the universe, if I have a friend who is facing some of the same tough situations, why not be honest about the mistakes I made and help him???

I have a handful of friends that I KNOW I can trust to give me good advice.  To give me perspectives that I might not be able to see as I face problems and issues.  I am thankful for them.  And, in return, sometimes I get to help them.  But they probably help me far more than I return the favor.

It is helpful to see what God is doing in the lives of others… How others deal with His word and how it applies to our lives.  Those different perspectives mean the world to me, and I believe the Holy Spirit works in all of these things to help us grow.  I need others who are in the Word and are willing to help ME in the Word.

SO … Have you found solid followers of Christ to help with this??  WHO ARE YOU POURING INTO??  WHO ARE YOU ALLOWING TO POUR INTO YOU??

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