Yeah, I’m not perfect, either

26 Oct

Life can be a struggle sometimes …  Things don’t go exactly the way we planned.  Or desired.  Mother Nature deals us a blow that changes the paths of lives and completely rearranges what we thought to be true.  People … friends … disappoint you with their hypocrisy, with their talking a good game about being a friend, about being different, about rising above the standards of the world.  Then they go and say or do something that completely betrays their words and intentions.  A struggle, I tell you.  And the struggle is real.

Sometimes life disappoints.  People disappoint.  Situations disappoint.  And then I realize that, as perfect as I would like to believe I am, I AM NOT.  Period.  I disappoint others.  At times (and mostly unintentionally), I confound situations.  As much as I would like for life to go smoothly, I am the cause of some of the turbulence, too.

There has only been ONE who lived a perfect life.  And we crucified Him!!!  So, we move on.  We remember that love overlooks a multitude of sins.  Even if those around us refuse to love with Jesus’ kind of love and refuse to spur each other on towards good things in the Kingdom of God, we continue to do OUR BEST.  And leave the judging to God.

Praying for you today.  Pray for me too!!!

One Response to “Yeah, I’m not perfect, either”

  1. Betty Moore-Bell October 30, 2015 at 5:09 am #

    Well said, David.

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