It’s hard to lead from the rear

17 Nov

Work ethic … What do those words mean to you??  I am thankful my dad taught me his work ethic.  Jump in the ditch and get it done … Whatever “it” might be.  It’s okay to get dirty doing hard work.  Something worth doing is worth doing the right way.  So many other things Don Wike taught me, his only son.  And I appreciate them.

Years later, I find myself in a place of leadership.  I constantly read leadership theories and input from other leaders, especially other pastors in whom I place trust.  There are men in my life who have walked the paths that I walk.  I KNOW they have faced some of the same obstacles I face.  They probably will never know the difference they make for me.

So many of them have taught me things that are consistent with those taught by my dad.  One of the most valuable, and one that I wish every young minister (and every young person) would take note of is this:  It is hard to lead from the rear.  You can do it, but not for long.

If you are trying to lead others, they see and they can tell if you are phoning it in.  They are much more likely to follow a leader who has feet on the ground than one who sits atop a horse behind them, barking orders for them to obey.  Sometimes you have to SHOW the way to those who lead.  When they have their feet beneath them, you can multiply effectiveness by sending them in one direction (especially if you are marching toward another direction).  This will only work once a leader has taught, trained, and prepared his/her followers to march on their own.

Work ethic.  If you have it, people around you will see it.  If you don’t, they will see that, too.  Jump into the ditch.  Get dirty when necessary.  Those who follow you will not only appreciate it, they won’t hesitate to jump in when its their time.

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