What Advent means to me

14 Dec

There is a risk any time you do an interview with someone who will then take your words, edit and interpret them, and then present them in a media outlet.  The Florence Morning News interviewed me and a fellow pastor last week about Advent, and specifically what Advent means to our respective churches.  For the most part, she was pretty true to what I said.  But it is amazing the difference ONE WORD can make on such a topic!!

So, what does Advent mean to me?  The Advent season is a celebration of the first coming of Christ.  Celebrated by many Christian churches around the world, we recognize the state of the world into which Jesus, the Son of God, entered 2000 years ago as part of God’s plan to redeem His creation.  And I believe with all of my heart the world He entered 2000 years ago was not so different than our world today.

Sure, we have made great strides in civilization, technology, and almost every imaginable category.  But at the base of every man and woman, we are basically the same as they were over 2000 years ago.  We are a people who look around this world and do not see a lot of hope.

HOPELESSNESS … That was the word.  Jesus did not enter a hopeful world.  He entered a world that had drifted farther and farther from God as sin ran rampant and there was no way for man to rectify that situation.  No way for humanity to redeem itself in the eyes of a Holy and Perfect God.  It was a world that seemed to be in a spiral with no hope and no seeming relief on the horizon.

A world, much like today.  And as I watch our world spiral farther and farther away from Him, I wonder if the hopelessness I see in humanity was exactly what Jesus saw when He came.

THIS IS WHY WE ARE HERE, CHURCH!!!  WE HAVE THE ANSWER.  The answer is CHRIST!!  The answer is John 3:16, John 14:6, Romans 5:8.  The answer is FAITH IN CHRIST.  He is the ONLY WAY of salvation, the only way to have a relationship with the ONLY TRUE GOD.

And we live in a world where some will read the paragraph above and be offended by it.  And there might come a day when some fight to revoke my right to even WRITE words like this.  To even SPEAK thoughts such as these.  But, not today ….

GET BUSY, CHURCH!!  We are NOT guaranteed a tomorrow.  And tomorrow might be too late.

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