People of Influence

13 Jan

It’s a difficult job.  It really is.  KNOWING people are watching your every move.  KNOWING people are making judgments about Christ and about the church based on YOU (whether that is fair or not).  KNOWING you are NOT PERFECT and anyone can see you in a weak moment.  And they will talk.  BOY, will they talk.  But, as I’ve often been reminded, “YOU SIGNED UP FOR IT!  YOU KNEW WHAT YOU WERE GETTING INTO!”


And there is a HUGE irony in that statement which I will reveal in a moment.  Is it fair that people outside of the Kingdom of God would look at my life and judge the Kingdom of God, the Power of Christ, and the Reality of salvation based on how I live??  Fair or not, I might be the only glimpse of it they get in this world.  So, fair or not, it is ON.

YES.  YES, I signed up for this the moment I knelt lakeside at White Oak Conference Center and asked Jesus Christ to be my SAVIOR!!  YES, I LOVE HIM and YES, I PROMISED TO LIVE FOR HIM!!  Yes, I signed up for this. And if Christ is your Savior, so did you!!

Some will read this and say “WAITAMINUTE!!!  I NEVER CLAIMED TO BE A PERSON OF INFLUENCE, A LEADER!!”  That sneaky little irony is this:  People are watching and perhaps FOLLOWING you whether you like it or not.  Whether you signed on for it or not.  Because YOU, TOO, could be the only glimpse of Christ they see in this dark world.

Hmmmmmph!!  Kind of puts a spin on how we live our lives, how we treat our fellow workers, fellow students, merchants and workers in the marketplace and out in the world. Puts a little more emphasis on the words we say, the actions we do, and the things we post on social media.  If Christ is your Savior, remember that!!

IF you really have a relationship with Christ, YOU are a leader!!  Make a great impact for HIM today!!!

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