We KNOW what We Want

22 Feb

In 1 Samuel 8 (and following), the Children of Israel told Samuel (and God) that they wanted a KING!!  They had thought about it … ALL of their neighboring peoples had a king.  THEY WANTED A KING!!  God warned them, through Samuel, that they REALLY did NOT want a king.  That they were trading their freedom under God for tyranny.  They immediately replied “NOPE!!  WE WANT A KING!”  And God allowed them to have a king.  And He allowed them to suffer the consequences of their short-sightedness.

Where was the problem here???  The problem was the people decided they knew better than God.  They had a better plan.  They wanted what they wanted.  Period.

I see many parallels between this event and where we are as a nation.  Many of us have decided we have the ONLY plan for helping America to recover.  We are not asking God for His help.  We’ve got this one.

And, much like the Children of Israel in 1 Samuel, the truth is we are HEADED FOR DISASTER and TYRANNY if we are walking into this without God.  Pray for our nation.  We need God to intervene right now more than ever before.

One Response to “We KNOW what We Want”

  1. larry gardner February 23, 2016 at 3:42 pm #

    I believe you are absolutely right on this mater David! I’m afraid that America is in real danger because we are leaving God out of it algether. It’s like the wheels are turning in so slow motions if you just read scripture alittle bit. You don’t have to be very smart to understand what it’s saying. I pray for our nation.

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