Church as usual

25 Jan

What emotions do you find around a church in the average week? Hope, joy, happiness, hurt, anger, disappointment, just to name a few. It is quite an emotional rollercoaster, especially when all of this is happening to people you love.

One of my personal difficulties is dealing with the death of a friend. It is hard to deal with death when friends are involved. A pastor cannot deal with death in in the same clinical nature of a doctor. I guess a doctor HAS to insulate himself somewhat to make it everyday. No, a pastor has to empathize with his flock. You literally have to feel the pain with them in order to help them (at least, that has been my experience). And that takes a toll.

And then, dealing with anger and hurt takes a toll. Dealing with marriages in jeopardy takes a toll. Dealing with broken relationships takes a toll.

And, just when you think the emotional bank is empty, God sends some joy in there and you remember what it is all about. I thank God for those boosts. I thirst for them at times.

And all of that is a NORMAL week . . .

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