Goin’ to New Orleans (again)

26 Jan

I really do love to visit the city. Of course, it has a whole new meaning now that Katrina has permanently etched her name into the history of the Big Easy. But that is not the reason for this visit.

Back in November, I was elected (drafted) to be the president of the SC NOBTS Alumni Chapter. I get to fly down next week to a national alumni meeting. I am looking forward to seeing the progress at the seminary and the city, but am unsure as to whether or not I should borrow a bullet-proof vest from the Florence County Sheriffs Dept. (Murders are WAY off the scale right now in N.O.)

On the other side of the office hall, Justin is leaving TOMORROW for Moscow. He is going with a mission team his cousin organized to distribute Bibles, to witness, and to worship with Christians in Moscow. PLEASE PRAY FOR HIS SAFETY!!!! We could not find another Justin and I failed to get a DNA sample with which to clone him.

PS – Clemson got HOSED last night by the refs. According to what we saw on the cable box last night (which allows us to rewind, watch in slow motion, etc), the refs put WAY too much time back on the clock at the end. SportsCenter also says there should have been 2.4 seconds instead of the 4.4 they put on, but that is life at Cameron Indoor Stadium.

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