The Last Sunday of January

28 Jan

Well, this is it. The last Sunday of a month of combined worship in the Family Life Center. There are things about the Sanctuary I miss, like better acoustics and more of a feeling of closeness. And there are things I love about FLC worship, like doing it all TOGETHER! And only doing it ONCE a Sunday. It is difficult to describe how that makes a difference, but it does.

Another benefit of getting back into the Sanctuary is that our weekly offerings will go up. Statistically, our offerings ALWAYS go down while we are in the FLC. A couple of years ago, someone told me they would not tithe while we were in the gym. WHY?? Because we ought to be worshipping in the CHURCH. Well, WE are the church, and wherever we are we should worship. That FLC IS a holy place BECAUSE it is where we have gathered to worship. I have always thought it strange that people will refuse to tithe because of something like this, knowing that it is direct disobedience to God. They are only hurting themselves with their sin. Yes, it is a SIN NOT to tithe. Look it up!

Anyway, I will enjoy this day and my hope and prayer is that it is a day that honors God. Hope to see YOU at the FLC!

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