NOBTS Alumni Adventure, Day ONE

31 Jan

Okay, today was a full day. I had to begin to work on a sermon while preparing everything else for my trip to New Orleans (my guest for Sunday canceled on me YESTERDAY) . To no avail . . . It will get done somehow. We did staff meeting, put out only 15 fires, developed and administered a test to the CLC class, ran home, got packed, got a call from Krissy that she needed tennis shoes for softball practice (as we were LEAVING for Florence International Airport), took the shoes to find out they were NOT going into the gym, but on the field, so she did not need them, sprinted to the airport, got through security, and things slowed to a halt. We finally boarded the plane and flew to Charlotte.

In Charlotte, I grabbed some supper during my two hour layover. We boarded the plane for New Orleans and it was slam-packed. The stewardesses did do drink service, but were only REALLY interested in helping the two single guys behind me (who seemed to get dates with the stewardesses after I think the stewardesses bought them each a beer). It was kind of annoying, and the worst professionalism I have ever seen in all of my years flying USless (er, I mean US Air). I got to New Orleans, was picked up at the airport and brought to the Seminary. It is now 11:12 pm eastern time, and I have been awake since 4:30 AM eastern time. I probably should not be drinking this Dr Pepper.

I am excited to be here, to see old friends, to see what God is doing at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, and to see how I can help. I also have a couple of potential meetings with Childhood Education majors due to graduate this spring. (We ARE looking for a minister to children)

Hopefully this will be a great week. I will keep you posted!

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